06 July 2011

Backyard Garden: Crying Onions

This is a bittersweet harvest of the onions from my garden.  I had to take them early in order to remove the garden to put the house on the market.  They will be hung to dry by their stems in the garage.  Then they will the moved to the pantry for storage until use in a recipe.  I think they will be delicious in a frittata.


  1. Oh yum, I LOVE green onions! I could put them in any dish :) It must definitely be bittersweet to take apart the garden you worked so hard to create (I can't even imagine!), but when you get to your new home, you'll be able to recreate it and with a new life too ;)

  2. So true. I will have more room to grow more wonderful food. All in time. Thanks for your comment.


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