23 May 2012

BYG: Early Harvest

They say you are not supposed to apologize for all of a sudden abandoning your blog for days. It is your blog after all and you set the schedule, but here I am about to grovel.

I have been busy. That part is true. I'm settling into a different sort of life and trying to make my relationship a little more front and center. The "good at relationships" gene seemed to skip me. And while this post is to show you how busy I am in the garden, it's also a confession. Periodically I comb through the questions of do I really want to keep blogging, and what is my point exactly? Until that gets sorted out in my head I abandon this space.

Additionally, while I try to get my garden to produce something cc's dad's garden is growing like crazy. I have a mess of beans to freeze, and squash to pickle for him. I made homemade runzas last weekend with this cabbage.

In my own garden I've been dealing with cabbage loopers and ferocious ants.  All of which are out to destroy my garden.  So I've been in the yard, and studying up in books on how to take care of the destroyers naturally. 

On top of that the weather in Texas is grand right now and I'm taking full advantage.  Instead of sitting in my studio on a computer I'm spending time outside, which limits blog posts.  Also, my busiest season to about to hit, so fair warning there will soon be summer vacation over here at indigo 26.  Maybe I'll find reason to keep this space when it's over. 

So yes I've been busy and I'm sorry to have been gone so long, but I'm also wondering why you return to this space.  What do you enjoy?  What would you like to see more of?  Less of?  I would love to hear your thoughts. 


  1. Your garden is amazing. Mine did not fair well this year. Lots of herbs but other than that it was a flop.

    I enjoy reading your blog even if I don't post often. love your photographs. I have to admit that I read the ones with photos more than the ones without. I guess I am a visual person. I love seeing your "trash to treasure" type of posts. I love getting new recipes with simple ingredients.

    1. I think a garden is always a work in progress. Mine has not faired as well as cc's dad's. A lot of what I have been photographing is a combination of gardens.

      I appreciate the feedback. After summer vacation I am considering changing the layout and making it a little more visual. This is helpful.


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