31 July 2012

July Chronicle

I never thought I would say that I'm happy this month is over, but I'm happy this month is over.  It started off in the thoroughs of our second business and the pace never faltered.  Although the list this month isn't exciting, there was always something going on.

  • I wasn't home much through the 4th.  Late nights and early mornings, but we had a good year.  I woke on the 5th and cleaned house and then headed to the casino for a little entertainment.
  • We planned on hosting a fireworks party, but it got rained out, I'm happy to say.  
  • Checked out the lake again and found a few potentials.
  • Took my favorite girls to the farm for a picnic and to ride the ranger around.
  • I booked our excursions for Alaska.  When first asked what my grandmother would like to do in port her response was bungee jumping...and she was dead serious.  
  • Found a new local Thai restaurant.
  • Took friends out for dinner and celebrated the purchase of their first home. 
  • Had a pool party.
  • Spent a lot of time cleaning and preparing for travel this month. 
  • Road trip to Nebraska to spend time with parents and my brother. 
  • While on said road trip, I tubed with my mom. 
  • Took an Alt Summit class.  Very impressed with this resource.
  • Had my six month check up at the dentist.  I passed.  No cavities.  
  • I did not host a July 4(for) Green Acres challenge this month.  I was just too exhausted to get it pulled together.  
  • I did start several projects, but my favorite were making friendship bracelets.
  • This sweet girl, who stayed with us at the beginning of month, sent her mom to to stay with us at the end of the month! We had a great visit.
  • I started training someone at the office to take over my position.  I'm working on number 12 on this list.
  • Movies: People Like Us
  • In the garden - I'm doing my best to keep everything from roasting in the sun.  My garden is about finished for the summer, but I'm already thinking about what I'll be planting for the fall.  


  1. I just checked my "Goals" list for the month of July and started chuckling at myself.

    It's impossible to predict what crazy things are going to pop up during the month that grab at your attention.

    According to my list, I didn't accomplish much this month, but I know that isn't true, because I can FEEL how much I've done in my bones!

    1. Jenna, so true. Life doesn't always go as planned.


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