16 July 2012

Mid Year Review

January always brings excitement.  There is a fresh year in front of me and the slate is clean.  I am a planner, list maker, and big time dreamer so at the beginning of every year I sit and make a list of all the things I want to do in the 365 days ahead of me.  Some of my goals are lofty, others ridiculous, and several uninteresting, but I do it without fail.

This year I posted a 12 in 2012 list and chose ACTION as my word of the year.  I intentionally chose a verb because I needed a push move beyond musing.  With that said, I'm forcing myself to return to the list with 6 months of the year  left to go in order to gage my progress.

1| Attend brand camp with Hey, Sweet Pea - When I created this goal this class was more in theory than practice and it turns out, I'm not ready for this jump yet.  However, I've found really valuable classes here and I've registered for a few of them, and have plans to take more in the fall when my schedule frees up.
2| Squam in the Fall - registered!
3| Take a homesteading class - completed in April
4| Take a trip to Lincoln for a non-agenda weekend with my sister  - completed in May
5| Return to yoga - I could cross this off the list because for the first 4 months of the year I attended yoga weekly.  As usual, I realized how much my body needs the flexibility, but life got busy and I stopped.  I think this will be a goal I am constantly working on.
6| Write 5 lines of gratitude daily - Same as #5, I got off the bandwagon and need to get back on.  I've got a project in mind you'll probably see show up soon that I hope will give me motivation.
7| Get my garden going at the new house - It's not perfect, but it's there, and I'm working towards rebuilding the nutrients in the soil for a great fall garden.
8| Make a date with the specialist I've been putting off - completed in January
9| Run the Tour de Fleurs 10K in the Fall - Sadly, this race is the same weekend I will be at Squam so I am searching for another run.  I have neglected my running routine and this will be a physically challenging goal to reach, but I'm determined to get one race in this year.
10| Go on vacation - looking at October
11| Work on my personal style - Talk about a work in progress!  I'm trying to step into my own and finding out what that looks like is similar to walking through a maze.
12| Do one thing this year that scares me - News coming soon...


  1. I see that you are attending the fall Squam! I tried to gather a few friends but to no avail but decided an adventure on my own was a better idea. I had all my paperwork filled out, classes chosen, had a ride, plane ride, was going to visit my sister while there but than decided not to go

    My girls are starting at a new school and since the dates are just so close to the beginning of school I backed out. How funny had we both been there. I feel torn to stay and be sure they are settled in.

    1. I would have loved that! This will be my second Squam and I can't wait to go. What classes were you thinking of taking?

      It's unfortunate you can't go, but being a mom is important too!

      Welcome home, by the way.

  2. damn girl! you got the POW-WAH of list making!!! seriously-- super inspiring here--- xoxo, e

    1. One of many...

      Thanks for the comment love.

  3. I wanted to take one photography session and one art.

    I had Pages and Paint and second the Simple Screen for my art.

    For Photography I had asked for either Seeing the Every Day or Chasing the Light.

    I also thought Origins looks like a good one but I was a bit intimidated. I think that would be for my second squam visit.

    What are you signed up for? What other location Squam have you been to?

    1. I attended the fall session in 2009 and loved it so much I chose that session again. I may go to Squam by the sea one day, but as you know, there is something about the woods of New England that really draw me in.

      I took Pages and Paint with Sarah last session and loved it, and I am signed up for Chasing the Light this time around, as well as Pitch Perfect.

      I hope you get to go someday. Elizabeth (above) throws quite a retreat!

  4. Looks like so far, you are doing really well (and I can say you are doing a whole heck of a lot better than me with MY list!) Now, off to go learn about Squam...


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