06 December 2011

Christmas Wish List #2

Here are a few more favorites I've collected for the artist in your life this Christmas. 

1|     Sarah Ahearn Bellemare - I met Sarah at SAW and I have loved her work ever since. 

2|     The Wheatfield - I have these prints in my home and have gifted them.  I love them and she is so easy to work with.

3|     Victory Garden of Tomorrow - I spotlighted this shop and love the posters I bought.  Great gift.

4|     Max & Melody - I love how versatile this sweater is.  I would really like this in my stocking. 

5|     iMo - Every photographer needs a fancy camera strap. This one is my favorite.

6|     ombee soap - Nebraska girl!  I met her at her lovely shop and her soaps are perfect for your skin.

If all else fails and none of these work...you can always give an Anthropologie gift card. 

See Christmas Wish List #1

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