30 March 2012

March Chronicle

I thought February was busy, but it was a cake walk compared to March. Maybe this is why I'm so tired?  
  • Started to spring clean the house.  The weather was been wonderful. The windows have been opened to let the house breath and all the winter bedding has been cleaned and put away. 
  • I celebrated a year of blogging in this space by offering a giveaway from Butter Design Lab.  
  • We did loads of yard work.  The trees, shrubs, grasses, and rose bushes were all pruned.  Weeds killed with white vinegar and pulled.  Took the yard waste to the farm to compost rather than throw in the landfill. 
  • Test drove several cars this month.  I'm thinking of going with a Ford Edge. It's American made and Ford didn't take any bailout money.
  • One of my favorite kiddos started soccer this month so I've been on the soccer fields cheering her on.
  • Attended a charity auction and won a John Deere bicycle for my nephews. I'm going to be the coolest aunt ever!
  • The garden is planted with the exception of the tomatoes.
  • My sister leased a space for her new salon.  Loads of minutes on the phone with her talking about dreams and now plans! 
  • Continuing to raise money for the Collin County Adventure Camp.  It was the February challenge and the campaign will wrap up this weekend.  There is still time to give.  
  • I missed the worm moon on the 8th because of the rain, which came full force for a couple of days.  Most of the lake levels are back up to normal and I'm thankful.  
  • I upholstered my studio chairs.
  • I ordered seeds and tomato transplants from Seed Savers Exchange and they arrived and are planted.
  • I ordered 1,500 ladybugs for natural insect control in my garden and they just arrived.  
  • 4(for) green acres was spotlighted on the Plant.Eat.Create. blog.
  • Watched the entire first season of Dowton Abbey and I'm hooked.
  • Made a library sack for my new nephew's books I got him.  
  • Planted a fig and peach tree in my yard. 
  • Mom sent me a 10 lb. bag of Nebraska grown and milled flour.
  • Celebrated spring and updated the by the season page.
  • Created two brackets for the March Madness basketball tournament. I've lost on both of them! 
  • Researched bookbinding and ordered supplies from Dick Blick.
  • Harvested two rounds of lettuce from the garden.
  • Took a spring break trip to Oklahoma with friends and won $480 at the casino. 
  • Taproot, the inaugural edition, arrived in my mailbox! 
  • In an effort to complete March's 4(for) green acres challenge I tried to track down the source of my oats.  I got the run around several times by the company.  In the end the only information I collected is that it comes from America.  I think I'll be changing brands until I can get a direct answer. 
  • I got the largest bouquet of flowers from my uncle.  I wasn't expecting it and it was a brilliant surprise.  
  • Grams and I took the plunge and planned a trip to Alaska this summer.  
  • Took a quick trip to Austin to have lunch with Catherine Austin Fitts.
  • Talked about a major life decision.  I realize this statement is evasive but it marks a turning point in my life that I at least want to note. 
  • Hired someone new at the office and started the training process.
  • I went to see This Means War and The Vow this month.  
  • Inspirations the month: tribal prints, yellow accents
  • Natural observations: magnolia, red bud, and pear trees in bloom, bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, poppies, snapdragons are blooming, and bees are everywhere indicating the population in our area is thriving. 
I hope you had a great month as well.  

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