07 March 2012

Thistle | Kansas City

While I was in Kansas City I found a new store downtown.  We happened to drive by it right before they were closing so we popped in.  I love finding new antique stores and I will definitely be returning to Thistle.

As soon as we walked in we were offered warm, apple cider out of antique china cups.  It warded off the evening chill.  As I walked around the store, my hands started to fill with milk glass vases, embroidered linens, a depression glass urn, and postcards.  If my suitcase would have been bigger, I would have bought more!

What I loved about this shop, and I haven't seen before, was the color coding of the merchandise.  Every color had a section.  I found it really easy to shop and look at every detail because I wasn't over stimulated by color. 

I snapped these photos with my phone.  I was in a hurry to load my hands and the let the owners go home for the night.  Check out their gallery for better photos of the store.  You can also find them on facebook.

Any new finds for you recently? 


  1. I am just waiting for the weather to turn so that I can start a search for some new local thrift stores to hit. I really like to see stores like this one that seem to take pride in how they display things (and how fun are those pom pom curtains?!)

    1. Pride is a good way to describe it. It was clean and organized which made for a great shopping experience. Good luck in your search.

  2. So cool! My parents live in KC, so I will have to check out Thistle next time I visit them :)


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