01 September 2012

August Chronicle

I am in the midst of heavy travel plans and this month was my biggest month.  Summer flew by so fast this year, but I'm actually ready to let it go.  Fall flows into a an even slower winter.  It was another hot August in Texas so I thought a photo of an iceberg would be appropriate.  Here are the happenings.

  • My uncle celebrated his fiftieth.  
  • I took a trip to Alaska with my grandma. Jump over here and here for photos.
  • My mom's friend passed away, and it was a good reminder to me to cherish even more the time I get to spend with family.
  • We dog sat for a neighbor while they took their kids on one last vacation before school started. 
  • One of my favorite little boys and favorite little girls both started kindergarten this year.  My how time flies!
  • We got a puppy!  More on that coming soon.
  • Got my haircut, not a major event, but I still struggle with finding someone who can cut it the way my sister does.  (Sarah, will you move your new salon to Texas?)
  • My mom is coming to visit in October, and since her visits are becoming more frequent, I decided to get a new guest bed.  I'm not sure how she managed to sleep on the old one.
  • Hiked at Erwin Park, my favorite urban park.  
  • cc celebrated her birthday, but we only had a small piece of cake that we shared.
  • That's because we started a green smoothie diet. I've been drinking green smoothies for quite some time, but we are working on our health through our diet so we amped up the nutrient intake and we are eliminating all sugar and processed foods for now.
  • Knocked off a handy hubby (that's me) project and painted a door that's been on my list for nine months.
  • I saw three movies this month: Hope Springs, Beasts of the Southern Wild, & Bourne Legacy.  
  • Dallas and surrounding cities started aerial spraying for mosquitoes because of the rise in West Nile Virus breakouts in the county.  There is a lot of controversy around it, and I am in major opposition of it.  Fortunately, they have not decided to spray in my area yet.
  • Not a lot going on in the garden.  When it got hot, I let a lot of plants go.  I'm gearing up the soil for a fall garden and I'm going to experiment a bit.  Due to the mosquitoes and heat, none of us have wanted to spend much time outside this month.
  • Here on Indigo 26 I spotlighted Katrina from Ma Joie Press.  She was a delight to interview and I was thrilled that she wanted to offer a beautiful set of letterpress stationary as a giveaway. 
  • The 4(for) green acres challenge this month talked about making natural bug repellents for your body and yard.  
  • I was happy to share a quick blip into my brother's day with you and look at the HUGE wind turbines in Oklahoma.  
  • Finally, I've been collaborating with a fellow blogger and I'm exciting to introduce her here next month! 

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