28 September 2012

September Chronicle

  • Watched our small town football game opener at the new $60 million facility.  Texans love their high school football.
  • Spent labor day weekend motorcycle & antique shopping. 
  • Hosted a labor day patio party that ended up being a kitchen island party because the weather was well over 100 degrees. 
  • The oven door finally got fixed.
  • Had an eye appointment.  My eyes got better???  Actually, the last doctor made my prescription too high.  I finally have new glasses.
  • I'm not much of a t.v. watcher, but Flipping Out on Bravo started and I love the drama!
  • We had a few visits from our favorite girls this month.
  • Attended a market dinner at Patina Green.  It was a five course meal of locally sourced food. 
  • I planted a fall garden.  I know I haven't talked about it much, but I hope to get something out of it.
  • My brother celebrated a birthday.
  • Annie started puppy obedience class and she is doing so well.
  • Went to Squam!  Words here, photos here.
  • Took lovely classes from Thea and Christine.
  • Found my style at Wholly Tara.
  • cc bought a Steve McQueen Triumph
  • My sister's dream came true.  She finally opened Salon Chic!
  • Spent time at CCAC working towards exposing their awesome programs to more kids.
  • Purged quite a few clothes out of my closet and donated them.  I'm working on getting down to the basics.
  • Soccer season started for one of favorite girlies. 
  • Friends are getting married soon and we attended a beautiful shower for them on the lake.
  • cc and I finally got around to decorating the bedroom.  Why is that room always the last room to get done?
  • Neighbor kids came over to play with us.  And by us I mean Annie. 
  • Heard Nolan Ryan speak at a luncheon.  While some people will think I'm crazy, I have to say I was disappointed.  I really don't care who the MVP of baseball should be this year. 
  • Reconnected with an old friend over lunch. 
  • Traveled to Lincoln to celebrate the grand opening of Salon Chic.  Photos to come.
  • Movies: an old Steve McQueen movie.  (motorcycles are on the brain around here)
  • The 4(for) green acres challenge this month was on food preservation and Jenna from UpCountry shared her first time canning experience with us.
  • I posted an easy tomato sauce recipe for canning.
  • I've been working on gratitude this month and created a special journal to keep me motivated.
  • I went into more detail about Alaskan life over at UpCountry Living.
  • Fall finally arrived.  My favorite season.
What exciting events happened in your world this month?

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