28 February 2013

February Chronicle

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  • Spent the first weekend home alone while cc traveled to Kansas City. 
  • I took Annie to a local park and she fell in the pond.  At first she was shocked and then she realized that she loves to swim! 
  • I made my own cold cream to combat dry, winter skin.
  • Watched the superbowl in the comfort of my home, and I made fajitas.
  • We joined LA Fitness as an incentive to get back into a good routine of working out.  December knocked me out of routine and I'm still working on getting it back. 
  • Very exciting...oil change in my car.  But they did update my software which saved me from trying to do it on my own!
  • Every Thursday morning I continued the bookbinding class at the Craft Guild of Dallas.
  • I went to an Anthropologie stylist event that was hosted by a Dallas blog team, but was disappointed in the results.  
  • In trying to keep with my resolutions I avoided purchasing anything for Valentine's day and instead I opted to make cc a very lovely hand made book.

  • I picked up the Wallace family Bible from grams' brother who lives in the area.  Mom and I will need it for our genealogy project this summer.  
  • A family friend found out he has prostate cancer.
  • cc found a tick on Annie!  I thought since it has been so cold we wouldn't have any issues yet, but I was wrong.  I should have gone into the medical field.  I love that stuff. 
  • Annie had a sleepover at our friend's house.  They have a teacup chihuahua and she wore Annie out! 
  • We saw Reba in concert at the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma and spent the night.  The concert was awesome and we didn't lose any money because the casino was so busy we couldn't even get on a machine. 

  • My cousin is having her second baby and I found the cutest onesie at a local store to send to her.  
  • Continued with massage therapy and I have to say I am starting to feel the effects. 
  • I had coffee again with the same new friend as last month. 
  • Annie went to the groomers which she needed after swimming in the pond and all the rain we have had.  She can't seem to avoid a puddle. 
  • We took newlywed friends for dinner.
  • We attended a five-course bourbon and whiskey dinner at Urban Crust.  They basically served five shots of whisky.  If I would have finished them I would have been under the table.  Even with food! 
  • Mom's bill went to committee and it appears it is going to get passed! 
  • I worked in the garden a couple times this month to prep for spring planting.  I am downsizing and planting only what we really eat this year.  I trimmed trees, grasses, and berry bushes so they are ready for new growth.  
  • I planted potatoes.
  • I have been busy raising funds this month for Collin County Adventure Camp.  There is still time to donate if you have a few dollars to spare.  Click here. 
  • I saw Parental Guidance in the theater and cc and I watched the Netflix season of House of Cards with Kevin Spacey.  I highly recommend it.
  • As I hope to do every month, I've kept up with my gratitude buddy, Shannon.  She helps me remain positive every day. 
  • I received another letter from my new pen pal, Joette in Minnesota.  
  • Grams traveled to Hawaii this month and rode the zip line.  Unfortunately, as I write this she finds herself in the hospital because of a case of bronchitis that has taken a turn for the worse.  I'm hoping the oxygen and antibiotics will do the trick. 
  • I had the pleasure of interviewing Eileen from {eye} wonder workshops this month.  Her workshops are for the novice photographer that wants to better capture daily life through her lens.  She is giving away a spot in her next class.  You have until tomorrow to enter so jump over and add your name.  

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