02 February 2013

January 2013 Chronicle

Happy New Year.  Now that January is over I suppose it is no longer a new year.  I think I would best describe this month as pensive.  Nevertheless, good things happened.

  • We went to dinner and movie with our good friends BR+HH.  We watched Promised Land.
  • I put up all the Christmas at the beginning of the month.  Since they were up since the beginning of December I was happy to see them go. 
  • The weather this month hasn't been that bad so I have spent a lot of time outdoors with Annie.
  • I participated in Thea Coughlin's Intuitive Lens class through the Squam website. 
  • I ordered an 85mm lens for my camera.  It is an investment that I think I'll be very pleased with.
  • I entered the Rock the Shot challenge.
  • In December I participated in the love notes post card project.  The recipient of my letters reached out to me and asked me to be her gratitude buddy for the year.  It is based on Andrea's idea.  We send each other emails almost daily and I really look forward to them. 

  • Annie and I went to the dog park several times this month.  She is starting to make friends.  I enjoy watching all the puppies tromp around and try to play with the big dogs. 
  • My nephews celebrated Christmas with my parents late this year.  My mom skyped me on her laptop as they opened their gifts.  I am incredibly thankful that I can be a part of their lives even from so far away. 
  • We had a strange incident at the house.  It was the middle of the week around 8:30 P.M.  A faint knock was heard at our front door.  We don't have a peep hole so we asked loudly who was there.  It was an unknown man that asked to use the phone?  It freaked us out enough to call the police.  Why wouldn't he ring the doorbell and who doesn't have a cell phone these days?  
  • My mama celebrated a birthday this month.  She is so beautiful. 
  • I treated myself to a pedicure.  After going to yoga and being exposed to the winter heat my feet were looking a little beat up.  Since I have to stare at my feet in yoga I decided to make them pretty. 
  • We took Annie to the farm this month and while we were there we saw two coyotes in the middle of the day.  

  • I made Annie home made dog biscuits.
  • I met a new friend for coffee.  We ended up talking for three hours! 
  • As part of my resolution to take care of myself this month I have started getting a massage every other week.  I've had two this month and I'm thankful I can treat myself to this. 
  • I had a dentist appointment and all is well.  I'm thankful for a great set of teeth! 
  • I ordered seeds for my garden.  
  • I cleaned out several cupboards and took a load of things to Goodwill.  
  • We installed two new light fixtures we have been meaning to do for quite some time.  I like the change. 
  • Began working on research that was sparked from Aunt Jenny's quilt.
  • We purchased a new piece of artwork.  It's quirky and fun. 
  • I started a book binding class at the Craft Guild of Dallas.  I am looking forward to this the most in February.  

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  1. Abby! I adore being your gratitude buddy. Thank you for being mine! :)


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