24 March 2011

Honey: Superfood

Honey is a truly magical superfood. It aids with spring time allergies, it's an antiseptic, used to cure several ailments, and is a main ingredient in homemade beauty products.  It has been on my must have list for quite some time.

This pure, golden, sweet treat is a favorite of mine, but unfortunately honey bees are in danger.  Bee colonies are declining and the impacts are far reaching.  Devastation will follow if it continues.  This NY Times article provides a brief glance.  It's an older article but the information is still relevant.

Instead of swatting a bee next time you see one, thank it instead.  Not only do they do most of the pollination work, but they also gives us one of the best creations from mother nature.

image via Brittany Broas pinterest board


  1. We tried honey bees last year and they all died. It was pretty devastating and then later in the summer my husband ended up in the ER a couple of times with severe reactions to stings - so maybe it worked out for the best. But I so wish we had our own honey!

  2. Oh no! I suppose it did. I guess the next best thing is the local honey from the market.

  3. My brother in law is in the honey business {large company that he works for}. The threat of the bees all dying is scary.
    Thanks for sharing!


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