02 March 2011

Inauguration Post

sign on my fence

Welcome to my web log. This is the first official post.  I hope you will settle in and over time find the information useful and inspiring.  I am starting this blog to reconnect with a more organic life.  I am always in search of ways to hold myself accountable and therefore I came up my 4(for) Green Acres concept.  This idea encapsulates my belief in the importance of leading a wholesome, natural life wherever I live.

Topics you can expect to find here:
  • handmade/homemade
  • sustainable practices
  • old things used for new purposes
  • artist/crafter highlights
  • gardening/food

This space is still under construction.  If you'd like updates you can follow me on twitter.  Just click the icon to the right.

See you soon.


  1. yay for the first post ! I can't wait to post on my blog as well. Adding you on twitter right now !

    Van Bueno (BYW class)

  2. Hi Abby, Great concept! I look forward to reading your thoughts and ways in which you implement your practices. See you in class! elle

  3. hi from BYW!
    love the blog concept, beautiful design so far!

  4. Congrats on your launch! I love the photos and you have a great concept :) I'm stopping by from BYW and can't wait to see your progress.


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