21 November 2012

Gratitude Tree

I was so inspired by Michelle's gratitude project last week that I decided to do something in my own neighborhood.  We live on a very busy block and we have a lot of foot and car traffic that comes by our home.

I decided to transform an oak tree out front into a gratitude tree.  I made tags out of waterproof paper, cut string, and put all of it with instructions and markers into a tool box under the tree.  I'm asking everyone that feels blessed to leave a note of gratitude as they pass by. 

We already have several tags!  I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving week.  What are you thankful for?


  1. LOVE this! let us know how it gets updated . .

  2. oh, how i love this.
    {i have thought of doing something like this, ever since the wish tree at squam...love that you have *acted* on it!}
    awesome xo

    1. That is where my thinking was. I was going through photos of Squam, deep in gratitude, and voila!

  3. I remember when we were driving to see family that morning...Russ drove up to your house quite quickly and I thought "what are we doing?" He said, "Look!" All 4 of us participated :-) It helped to set the mood for the rest of the day :-)


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